Thursday, June 22, 2017

Video and photography day for Mack!

What a week it has been, starting with last Saturday.

I was called early in the morning to go to my mother's hospital bedside where they did not think that she would survive.  Mom is 4 hours away.  

Before I arrived, I was getting messages like, "Mom is doing better!".
That was such a relief as if it was her time to pass (she's only 76) I wanted to be there.

But, she did not pass and when I got there, she was alert and fully aware of her world, and she just continued to get better.  

Whew, what a scare!  

I took Mack's head with me to finish rooting his hair...IF I could.

I was able to "finish" between working on him by mom's bedside and in the evening while I stayed at her apartment.  

But of course, when I got home (after knowing that mom was going to be fine), I was not satisfied with the crown and also added a bit to his hair line in front.  

Then it took me more time than expected to do his lashes and another day to do his brows and final glossing and matting!  I do not know why I had such a hard time with those things.

So today, with hair on his head (and face~lol) I will be doing two videos and his photo shoot.  

It will take me all day tomorrow to process the videos and photos to prepare them for eBay.  

I should be able to get his auction up for Monday evening, June 26th.


Oh, I was "caught" in mom's room working on his head and his head quickly "made the rounds" through the nurses station...and then I was asked to bring him out again the next day.  

It was really fun and lightened the mood in the hospital with everyone.  

I love my "job"!

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