Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What a wild 10 days that was! ROSE show in Denver!

I am so sorry for not visiting the blog while I was gone.
There wasn't hardly a moment to breathe as there were so many activities and so much fun to be had!

I am home now but am leaving again for some time away with my hubby tomorrow.  

The Make the Switch to Air Dry Paints was a HUGE success!
The ladies loved the class and how their babies turned out.  
And of course they loved the Denver Rose vinyl kit by Marita Winters which is now available for purchase through Marita and her dealers.

I will update with pictures next week.

For now, here is one with the class minus one student who was taking the picture:

and me with my two painted Denver Rose kits...the prototype on the right and the one I painted in class on the left:

There were 8 total students in the class.  
ALL 8 will be making the switch to air dry paints, specifically to the Baby FX air dry paints.  

The show was wonderful with so much to see...that I didn't have time to see!  

But, I got to hug on many old friends and met many a new ones!

I met Romie Strydom but didn't get a picture with her!  ACK!  
She is such a lovely lady.  

I have listed the color guide for the Denver Rose tone that I used in the class in my 

Until next week...


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